Something interesting and unique to present. Creativity, innovation and harmonious design . A technical and creative point of view – especially to team up creativity and energy resulting in ideas that become real practicable textiles. Contemporary approach of screen printing, each piece is one of a kind and can not be reproduced in the same way. 
 A collaboration with  Gabrielle Beau . focus on familiar shoe archetypes and playful materials in expressive and sophisticated way.  Trust me is a collection which intrigue the viewer  by fooling his eye and perception. Our goal was  to vary materials and the ways to express both familiarity and illusion. The textile construct the shoe and creates an effortless aesthetics with delicate details in the textile disciplines .   
  This set of prints belong to a small collection that are inspired by distortion, demolishing details and a lost memory, Tali’s prints deal with the boundaries of art, print and textiles.
1 copy.jpg