Textile designer specialising in Printed textile design, fabric development. Based in London.

Recently graduated Royal College of Art Master's degree, Printed textiles.


2014 Première Vision | INDIGO | TEXPRINT  | PARIS

2014 Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition 2014 | CHINA


2014 Woolmark Company Texprint Award 2014, by the legendary textiles designer Nino Cerruti.

2013 First prize of Dyers' Company Colour competition.


Tali's responsibilities and duties led her to gain experience with production/ manufacturing and Suppliers. In her work she always aware of small details and finishes.Constantly pushing to develop the connection between silkscreen printing an digital approaches.Clients include: Nike, Gap,Uniqlo,Athlete,Peclers Paris and Faliero Sarti. 

Tali is curious about femininity in menswear as well as embracing modern craft.Prints and aesthetics works when they have the right proportion of colour and shapes.By permitting yourself to think outside the boundaries of ordinary, brilliant new ideas can arise. 

Feel free to contact at - tali.furman@network.rca.ac.uk